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Welcome to Aura! #9 overall in plays in's history!

Those of you who visited our old page at will recognise the design of this page =)
By nostalgic reasons we have kept the design intact but removed a lot nonsense that was present before. The only thing you will find now is MUSIC!!! If you are missing any songs (We have removed a couple from the page) please contact us and request it and we will hopefully be able to upload it to this page.

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We recommend you to visit Dynamo . Dynamo is a great friend of ours and also a music companion.

Labworks is a totally new fresh trance project where Erik is one of the members. The song Ibiza sunrise is now climbing the charts all over Europe. Signed by EMT Design and Activation Records(Pulser and Lange is behind this label).

Outfly, has released one full length album in Canada. The group consists of Erik & Christian from Aura, Dynamo and Nicola Maniette. This is a must!
Don't forget to order the album which include hits like, Destination Skyline, La marche de la lune, Make you believe to mention a few...
Notice our name change from Dynamic to Outfly. Reason: record contract in US.

Our TOP40's so far
Destination skyline # 3
Make you believe # 3
La marche de la lune # 16
Himalaya # 29
Destination skyline[Club Mix] # 31
Into the sun[Airplay Edit] # 33
Cry # 36
All our songs(51) have reached genre top40's and 37 of them have reached top 10!

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[MARCH 22 - 2004]
Page launched. This page will not be updated on regulary basis, but if we do update it, which might happen once in a while, you could read about it here...

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Note that the songs are not in alphabetic order, we are too lazy to fix that =)...


All songs below have been featured on during the years 00-->03. If you are missing any song feel free to send a request to:

Classic trance stuff. This song have been ready for quite long time just resting on our computer. But it's a sweet song so we release it. Chart peak: # 2 Melodic Trance

Energic melodies, deep bass, trancy feeling. Inspiration from swedish artist Richi M. Hmmmmm... han har iallafall hittat 16F funktionen i logic.Chart peak: # 2 Hardtrance

"Better Than You"
Experimenting with our new equipment. A song was born. Not too good though, but better than some of our older stuff so we put it up for fun. By the way, we know... but it was Hypertraxx who stole the concept from us...Chart Peak: # 3 Hardtrance

"Break Free"
We are not proud over this one but it is avaliable for download here on demand :)

"Children Of Ibiza"
Old one and forgotten. Give it a listen anyhow. Chart Peak # 6 Hard Trance. Release date: 2002-09-20

"Cosmic Disruption"
Sweet intro. Frenetic Song. Sweet outro. Short little groover thats been lying around in the studio for a while, classic Aura style! Written & Produced by E.Skåpdal in Auralab studios.

"Crystal Lake"
Aura goes ambient. Just relax and listen! Produced by Erik Skåpdal in Auralab studios.

"Destination Skyline"
This is a killer trance track. Our greatest success so far on
Chart peak: # 3 TOP40,# 1 Electronic,# 1 Melodic Trance

"Destination Skyline (Clubmix)"
Finally after more than a year! Bigger, better, longer and fatter than the original song that have gone berserk on the charts here at What are you waiting for? Chart Peak # 31 TOP 40

Fastpaced eurodisco with a nice dreamy guitar lead that gives the song a smooth feeling of driving fast on a sunny day with nothing to worry about. Also a hardbeat with an ATB-like baselinefrog.

"Ecstacy Of Gold"

"Frozen Flame"
Here comes a piece of music that doesn't sound like anything we have presented here on before. Chart peak # 3 Pprogressive Trance. Released 2002-05-24

"Gone Tomorrow"
This track would easily fit on one of those german trance cd's, "trancemaster 2000 mega max compilation". Listen and enjoy, though this is nonvocal mix. : Chart peak: # 6 Melodic Trance

Soaring trance with energic uplifting melodies. Really amazing feeling. Recommended. : Chart peak: # 2 Melodic Trance,#29 TOP40

"Hold Me"
Quality trance from the deep forests of sweden. Excellent harmonies and tajt arrangement. : Chart peak: # 11 Melodic Trance

"Hold My Hand"
Lot's of work has been put in this song, and the result is a nice little dancetune with a wonderful melody. The song has been on the topcharts for several months and won a contest with over 50 bands. : Chart peak: # 3 Melodic Trance

"Hold My Hand (Limepop Remix)"
This is a new fresh mix of this old classic. Nostalgy. Sounds very much like the old days. Recorded in Auralab studios. Production by E.Skåpdal

"Into The Sun (Airplay Cut)"
Dedicated to all Aura fans! This is a true trance groover with wonderful melody and calm soft parts with flute solo and epic choirs. Written by Christian Röhss & Erik Skåpdal. Chart peak # 33 TOP40. Produced by Erik Skåpdal at Auralab studios. Released 2002-05-31.

"Into The Sun"
Dedicated to all Aura fans! This is a true trance groover with wonderful melody and calm soft parts with flute solo and epic choirs. Written by Christian Röhss & Erik Skåpdal. Chart peak # 33 TOP40. Produced by Erik Skåpdal at Auralab studios. Released 2002-05-31.

"Less Than Enough"
Awesome intro with a feeling, you feel that something nasty and angry is coming. It's right. : Chart Peak: # 5 Hardtrance

New trance stomper. Hard but yet soft. Lots of power. Poor mp3 encoder, we know. Written & Produced By Erik Skåpdal in Auralab studios. Released 2002-10-09. Chart peak # 9 Hard Trance.

This song has a long history. It has gone trough a lot of transformations before it reached it's current state. Although it's fine melodic trance. : Chart peak: # 21 Melodic Trance

One day project that turned out to be a quite good song. Very soft. The more you listen to it the more you'll like it. : Chart peak: # 2 Down tempo

"Planet Love"
Uplifting piece of trance. Written & produced by Erik Skåpdal at Auralab Studios. Chart peak # 13 Melodic Trance. Released 2002-06-23.

Been a while since we really released something fresh at this page. This one is classic Aura style, you wont be disappointed, uplifting trance. Eum, excuse us for the earth hum. We really have to fix those cables now. Chart peak # 3 Melodic Trance

"Presence Of Mind"
Sweet piano melody, classic old trance music. : Chart peak #31 Melodic Trance

"Project Soar"
Soaring trance music. Epic, uplifting melodies that will elevate your mind. : Chart peak: # 8 Melodic Trance

Energy with congas and a freaked out melody

Is this one made to be played in the chill-out or on the mainfloor? You can't really tell... Anyway, play it whereever you want it to be played. It will always be one really nice trancetrack.If you're patient this song builds up an amazing beat after 6 minutes or so..Chart peak # 1 Progressive Trance.

"Shore Of Spring"
Sweet clubtrance song with cool vocals. Groovy base and a melody that infiltrates your brain. A bit influenced by ATB and Alice Deejay, but still with the Aura sound. : Chart peak: # 7 Melodic Trance

"Solar Explosion"
This one is a bit old, don't know why we didn't put it here before. We got inspiration for this when we were out partying here in Gothenburg. Perfect for the dancefloor. The whole song is a long build. Cool vocals and great feeling over it. : Chart peak: # 4 Hardtrance

"Song Of The Siren"
NEW!!Has been lying around on our harddisk a year. We don't know why we didn'tput it up here. Trance song playing in the same league as Dj Sakin.Chart peak # 5 Melodic Trance

"Space Cream"
Perfect epic trance anthem. Don't sound like anything we have done before, but for sure you will feel comfortable listening to this song. : Chart peak: # 3 Melodic Trance

"Stop Pretend"
Happy song that tells you to don't show off, be who you are and have fun!

"Storm I Ett Vattenglas"
Ok, don't take this too serious. Soft ambient with cool beats. Really really basic. But still it's quite sleep friendly. :Chart peak: # 10 Ambient

"Walk To Earth"
Israeli trance, inspired from Astral Projection, Chi-ad, Shakta, EPD. : Chart peak: # 1 Psytrance
This original includes a melody that was removed in the extended version.

"Walk To Earth (Extended Mix)"
Israeli trance, inspired from Astral Projection, Chi-ad, Shakta, EPD. : Chart peak: # 1 Psytrance

"Aura & Dynamo - Viva La Musica"
Produced together with Dynamo. This one begins with some slow melodies and ethnic drums, but then it blasts off into a completely amazing floorkiller! Vocals by Dynamo. Check out Dynamo at: : Chart peak: #12 Melodic trance

"Aura - White Bible"

"Aura - Take Me There"

" Aura - Orbit Revival"

" Dynamic - Naked (Aura Remix)"

On demand we upload the original version of "You". We really think that the Remake is better, but originals often have more spirit into them, so decide for yourself.

"You (ReMake)"
This re edit was made before one of our live gigs.We were not satisfied with the original. Listen yourself and see what you think about the new version! Chart peak # 11 Melodic Trance


"Airbase - Genie (Aura Remix)"
The original by our friend Airbase will be huge. Recently released on vinyl, we made a remix but it didn't fit =). Anyway We're proud of our angry and nasty version, If you like Less than enough this might be something for you. Much power packed in this, be afraid.! Remixed & Produced by Erik SKåpdal in Auralab studios.

"Spiral - Endless (Aura Remix)"
This is a remix of a ballade by Mats Antonsson. The melody of this song is one of the best we've heard, so we couldn't resist making a remix of our own. : Chart peak: # 23 Melodic Trance

"Fubots - Theme From Futurescope (Aura Remix)"
We have made a remix of an old classic trancer that always have meant much to us. The original by Fubots is an emotional masterpiece in our opinion. We have tried to capture the spirit of the original but still with a little Aura flavour... Don't take this to serious though =), we made it just for the pleasure of doing it. Vocals/Whistle by E.Skåpdal. Produced and Remixed by E.Skåpdal in Auralab studios.

"Lagoona - Into My Dream (Aura Freeride Remix)"
New release by Lagoona! This is symphonic and emotional vocal dance song about the magic of dreams, and the beautiful feelings that they can bring... Aura remix, Epic, hard, melodic, bouncy. Credits: Written by Lagoona. Vocals by Åsa Holmberg.

"Outfly - The Answer (Aura Remix)"

"Moya - Show Me (Aura Spirit Remix)"
Soaring trance with epic vocals taken from Moya Brennan.

"Nordlicht - Cry (Aura Remix)"
This is a remix of "Nordlicht" superhit "Cry". Crafted for the dancefloor with tons of energy packed in. Great teasing builds and really good production. Recommended! Visit Nordlicht at: Chart peak: #1 Hardtrance,#36 TOP40

"Dynamo - Carpe Diem (Aura Remix)"
It's hard to make a remix of such a masterpiece.Viva Dynamo!!!Chart peak # 7 Melodic Trance

"Dj Dave Davis - Transfiguration (Aura Evolution Remix)"
We have taken this true classic and reworked it in our own style. The nice pumping melody along with heavy drums and basses makes this one a real masterpiece. : Chart peak: # 18 Melodic Trance

"Dreamzone Dj - Dance Nation (Aura Remix Radiocut)"
This is a remix of the original made by our good friend "Dreamzone DJ".

"Dreamzone Dj - Dance Nation (Aura Remix)"
This is a remix of the original made by our good friend "Dreamzone DJ".

"Dreamzone Dj - Walking Generations (Aura Remix)"
Pumping powerful trance in the style of Dj Sakin. This is a remix of the original made by our good friend "Dreamzone DJ". We recommend you to listen to some of his work at : Chart peak: # 8 Melodic Trance

"Asu - 20 Years Of Living (Aura Remix)"
Probably you have heard the original by asu which has climbed the trance charts here at We are proud to bring you this building dance floor remix. Great stuff, perfect for a clubby night experience. Wait for the blast after 3 minutes.Recommended download.Check out asu at : : Chart peak: # 1 Hard Trance